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Brian LaVigueur explains opacity testing to a group of Dennis K. Burke driversSince February 2001, Massachusetts has tested diesel vehicles for excess pollution. The goal of the new inspection will be to identify diesel vehicles with excess smoke emissions and promote their repair. The SAE J1667 snap acceleration smoke test will be implemented for heavy duty and light duty diesel vehicles. Massachusetts has examined these cut points for you're vehicle to pass:

Heavy Duty Diesel Trucks (over 10,000 lbs.)

1991 and newer must have less than 40% opacity to pass.
1990 and older down to 1984 must have less than 55% opacity 
to pass.

Medium Duty Diesel Trucks (8500 to 10,000 lbs.)

1984 and newer must have less than 40% opacity to pass.

Brian LaVigueur demonstrates opacity testing Using the Bosch RTT100A Opacimeter (used by the state DEP), Boston Fuel Injection, Inc. repairs diesel emission failures and re-inspects heavy and light duty vehicles. Common smoke failure problems include dirty fuel, incorrect engine timing, clogged filters, and maintenance problems with your fuel injection system. 

State Emission website: vehicletest.state.ma.us

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